Operating rules

Rules and conditions for handing over and returning vehicles

  1. The vehicle needs to be returned with a clean interior and exterior, in the case of normal pollution it is charged 150, - CZK interior, 150, - CZK exterior. In the case of more polluted seats or damage to the interior, the charge is CZK 1,000.
  2. The transfer and taking of the vehicle outside the opening hours of the facility is charged: Olomouc office 250 CZK, Jihlava facility 300 CZK, Brno office 250 CZK
  3. The day of rental is 24 hours from the date of delivery
  4. The deposit for each vehicle is 5.000, - CZK
  5. Refundable deposit for accessories is CZK 2,000
  6. There is strict smoking ban in vehicles; if a violation is detected, a fine of CZK 3,000 is charged
  7. In the case of short-term rent, the maximum daily catch limit is 300 km, if the excess is charged 3, - CZK / km
  8. The vehicle is delivered with a full tank and also returns with a full tank

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